1. How can your images be adjusted?

• Because of the variance in color between digital images, overall color can be adjusted locally.

• We can re-composite images with new backgrounds and textures.

• Most designs include masks to facilitate knock-outs and adjustments.

• Revise images to fit different shapes.

• Edit, extend and crop images.

2. How big are your designs?

• The originals are quite large. Poster size is no problem. And we can encode any design to enlarge losslessly to any practical size. We adjust each size for optimum repro quality before delivering it.

3. What file formats are the images in?

• All images start as native Photoshop files. We can deliver most formats, both Mac and PC. We most commonly deliver on CD.

4. How long does it take to receive files?

• Images go out within a few days after agreement is finalized. Large collections of images will take additional time.

5. What kind of screen printing separations do you offer?

• We hand separate designs into ink colors of our choosing for each design. These are called controlled pallet separations. The files are then delivered ready to output to film. Film can be delivered if needed. Color proofs and instructions are included with each set. We interview each customer beforehand to be sure the separations will fit into their production systems. Our separations are the very best.

This is our "Clownfish" design. See other great designs in our images section.
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